Who is Justin Ling?

Ling is an Ottawa-based, Montreal-veteran, Cape Breton-transplanted freelance investigative journalist whose work has appeared in the Globe & Mail, the National Post, Maclean's Magazine, the Ottawa Citizen, National Magazine, the Tyee, Xtra!, and countless other publications.

Ling is an alumnus of the University of King's College Foundation Year Programme and, really, not much else. After three years of restless confinement in academia, studying journalism and history, Ling escaped the ivory tower thinking and leaped head-long in the job force.

Burning out, deep in existential crisis after working several communications contracts, Ling flipped the proverbial table and decided to go back to what he's good at -- journalism. So, for the past year and some change, Ling has slogged through the overgrown marsh that is the freelance journalism industry in Canada. And he's made a go of it.

Ling is available for whatever you want him for. He accepts story assignments, pitches, contracts, strange questions, random comments, and part or (heaven forbid) full time positions.

He also makes a great talking head, offering critical commentary that can come from either the center, left, right, all three, or none of the above. Politics at any level is his forte, and can do TV, print, radio, phonograph or morse code.

What has he done?

Ling got his start in community radio, fell into an independent community newspaper, then a national independent newspaper, before finally freelancing full-time. His work ethic is somewhere between "workaholic" and "obsessive compuslive."

Ling has repeatedly got the stories that nobody else has, with dozens of national exclusives under his belt, he's repeatedly graced the frontpages of both national papers, been on the country's top political panel, and once trended on Twitter. He's done everything from mobile to court reporting, feature writing, investigative muckracking and all sorts inbetween.

Working as a lone gun in the industry since 2012, Ling became one of the go-to journalists for coverage of the Montreal student protests, a trusted voice on the Quebec provincial election, self-loathing Question Period-watcher, an avid House of Commons watcher and a know-it-all on virtually every aspect of government policy -- everything from Canada's role in Africa to mining policy -- all wrapped in sarcastic wit and irreverence.

His scruffy mug has popped up on CBC's Power & Politics, CTV Newsnet, Russia Today, and Ezra Levant's The Source, on the Sun News Network.

Canada funding opponents of ‘abhorrent’ bill in Uganda

Canada is quietly financing a concerted grassroots effort to aid gay Ugandans’ fight against their country’s proposed anti-homosexuality bill — and preparing them in case it passes, says a senior Department of Foreign Affairs source.

New bill to crack down on illegal downloads has privacy experts worried

Bill S-4, the Digital Privacy Act, was introduced in the upper chamber on Tuesday, and privacy experts are concerned that the bill is carte blanche for companies to share Canadians’ personal information with big media companies who are trying to crack down on copyright infringement.

“No pressure,” Peltier-Rivest jumped in, laughing.

Navigable Waters Act changes could spark court battles

It does not look like there will be any bridge over the troubled water of the House of Commons any time soon. Tempers flared across the aisle last week in House Chamber after a vote to remove federal oversight on bridges, dams, wharfs, and just about everything else that can built on or around Canada’s waterways.

Tweeting in Handcuffs: Covering the Montreal Protests

Having already been on the business-end of a police baton, a foot away from getting my head lopped off by a flying trashcan and, to much fanfare, detained and arrested by Montreal's police (SPVM) -- I needed to vent with some other journalists.

Canada’s spy agency helped prepare all-of-government approach in case Idle No More protests ‘escalated’

“I was approached after the class, I thought it was one of the students, and she invited me out to coffee. While I was out to coffee, I was passed a card that said Canadian Security and Intelligence Service, and it had the official logo on it. I got up and left.”

Justin also hosts Some Honourable Members, a Canadian politics podcast on the No More Radio podcast network.

You can contact Ling

Phone. 613 407 2292

Email. justinrling@gmail.com

Twitter. @Justin_Ling